How to clean the Tower Garden Pump

How to Clean the Tower Garden Pump in 2 Minutes or Less

How to Clean the Tower Garden Pump

There’s very little maintenance involved in growing a Tower Garden.  One very important step you should perform at least once a month is to clean the Tower Garden pump so that it doesn’t look like this.

How to Clean the Tower Garden Pump

Learn how to clean the Tower Garden pump below. It takes less than two minutes and will help prolong the life of your pump and your plants!

Even with regular maintenance, the pump could still fail unexpectedly.  They do have a 5-year warranty, however, it will take about 3 business days to receive a new pump.  We recommend ordering a spare to have on hand. Order your spare Tower Garden pump here.

If your Tower Garden is wilting, check 10 Reasons Your Tower Garden is Wilting and How to Stop it Happening Again.

Keep an eye out for other how-to videos.  What videos would you like to see?

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